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Membership Types

Membership provides social activities, educational and wellness programs, a connection to aging experts and volunteers to support living independently, and a host of activities for members to be an active part of making Capitol Hill the greatest place on earth to live a long life. 

Capitol Hill Village offers different membership types depending on services desired and income level. Including regular, social, urgent, and subsidized memberships.  


Regular Membership

Entitles a household to access volunteer services, care services, vetted vendors, wellness activities, social and educational programs. 


Social Membership

Participate only in wellness activities, social and educational programs. Social members do not draw on volunteer services, vetted vendors or Care Services. The entire value of a Social membership is tax deductible. 


Urgent Membership 

Entitles individuals who have not been members to join and immediately access care services and volunteer support. Members are given an assessment for the level of need and determined, objectively, whether they are an “urgent” member.  At membership renewal each year, members are re-assessed to determine whether they remain urgent members or move to another membership level. 


Subsidized Membership

Through donations, grants, and other gifts including the Genderson Fund, Capitol Hill Village provide reduced rate membership to individuals for whom the cost of membership is outside of their budgets. Subsidized members are entitled to the same services as regular members. 


Membership Type Chart


Annual Income Chart



Questions? Want more information? Contact Tomeka Lee at [email protected] or call 202-543-1778.