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Understanding the Controversy around Critical Race Theory


Sun 01 / 16 / 2022
10:30 AM to 11:45 AM



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This program is sponsored by Hill Havurah in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

A special opportunity for adults and teens to learn from Professor Janel George, Associate Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center and founding Director of the Racial Equity in Education Law and Policy (REELP) Clinic, on "Understanding the Controversy around Critical Race Theory." Professor George (whose article in Teen Vogue you can read here) has suggested that we raise funds for Black Swan Academy as our communal service project this year; you can make a donation through their website.Adults and teens (7th grade and up) can register for the program using this Zoom registration link.

Summary of  CRT Talk: The current controversy over Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools has created a lot of confusion. But, CRT is a legal concept that has existed for almost 50 years. Why is it in the public narrative now? What is it? And what does CRT mean for public education? This talk will examine the origins and development of CRT in the legal academy and address questions about it, including why we are hearing so much about it now. It will also address what state legislatures and local school boards are doing related to CRT and discussions of race in classrooms and what the repercussions of those measures may mean for public education.